8-in-1 Marine Multi-Tool

This Multi-Tool is an essential addition to the great outdoors gear. Taking inspiration from the supremely useful French army knife, each comes with handy tools that fold into their handle. Get an Adrenaline Rush, Turn the Tide, or hear the Outdoor Calling with these quality implements.

  • Adrenaline Rush: For skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, and extreme sport enthusiasts. The 8-in-1 multi-tool includes 3 wrenches (9/16", 1/2" & 3/8"), 2 Phillips screwdrivers, 3/32" hex key, flat head screwdriver, and bottle opener. 
  • Turn the Tide:For sailing and fishing enthusiasts. The 8-in-1 multi-tool includes fish scaler and hook remover, shackle key, Phillips screwdriver, knife blade, can/bottle opener, and a marlin spike. 
  • Outdoor Calling:For camping and outdoor survival enthusiasts. The 9-in-1 multi-tool includes knife blade, saw, can/bottle opener, corkscrew, flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and removable flint rod.