Custom BOX

1-Wood Box - Default Title,1-Lightfoot & Wolfville Fauna - Red (Nova Scotia Recipients Only),1-Luxe Collection Mixed Nuts 4oz,1-Serrano Cheddar Wine Chips,1-Rosehip Chili Jelly 125ml,1-Fig, Honey & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers,1-Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar,1-Black Tipped Matches - Small Match Jar,1-Harvest Soy Wax Candle,1-Black Bow Gift Co,1-Black Ribbon , message : Thank you for entrusting us to assist you in selling your family home. We know this sale was filled with mixed emotions. We hope you will gather together for a girls eve to reminisce and enjoy these goodies. Love ~ Jennifer & Michelle, shipping_date: , ready_preference: as_soon_as_possible