Custom BOX

1-Wood Box - Default Title,1-Japanese Honeysuckle Candle - Mini,1-Hand Painted Milk Chocolate Bar,1-French Pink Nail Polish,1-Breakfast Tea,1-Turkish Wrap/Towel/Blanket in Pink,1-Roasted and Salted Pistachios,1-Lightfoot & Wolfville Rosé (Shipping Limitations - Review Description),1-Lip Care Kit,1-The Rodrigo - Passionfruit & Candied Ginger,1-Thinking of You,1-Pewter Ribbon , message : Hello Mary, Thinking of you and sending my love. I look forward to having a cup of tea and a laugh (and cry) with you soon again. In the meantime, here are some treats to enjoy! Love you lots, Nancy, shipping_date: , ready_preference: as_soon_as_possible