Custom BOX

1-Large Box - Kraft,1-Chocolate Peanut Butter Gourmet Popcorn,1-Acacia Wood Servers Set,1-Salted Caramel Ground Coffee,1-Cactus Salt & Pepper Shakers,1-Lightfoot & Wolfville Bubbly Rosé (Nova Scotia Recipients Only),1-Cactus Flower + Matcha Soy Wax Candle,1-Pink Horizon Glaze Mug,1-Happy Birthday,1-Moss Ribbon , message : My dearest Meats, the world is such a beautiful place with you in it, and everyone around you knows that. Thankfully I have had the pleasure of knowing that for 12 years now. Every time I look at my ankle I think of you. I love you so much. HBD <3 , shipping_date: , ready_preference: as_soon_as_possible