Ginger Ale Syrup

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3/4 oz. Ginger Ale syrup is a natural ginger base for cocktails and for non alcoholic drinks. Diluting it with sparkling water creates a fresh ginger ale / ginger beer mixer that serves as a substitute to commercial soft drinks.

The Ginger Ale syrup is made with fresh cold pressed ginger juice and a hops infusion, which adds delicate notes of peach and grapefruit. It is naturally spicy due to the fresh ginger, and is only lightly sweetened with cane sugar, allowing the refined notes of a craft spirit to shine through a cocktail.

The syrup can be enjoyed mixed with only sparkling water, or by also adding a an alcoholic spirit in order to make a classic ginger cocktail such as a Moscow Mule or a Dark & Stormy. It can also be used without sparkling water for other creative cocktails that call for a fresh ginger flavour.