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February 22, 2022 2 min read

As we approach year two of living in a pandemic world, we encourage employers to reflect upon all the disruptions your employees have had to endure and overcome. From adapting routines (and home layouts!) to work remotely, and experiencing isolation from coworkers, to balancing overall stress, it has been quite the roller coaster.

The reality is this ride has had an impact on our mental health. A survey by Statistics Canada1 reveals there has been a drastic increase in Canadians experiencing symptoms of mental health since the start of the pandemic. A particular impact has been on adults that have endured social isolation, job reduction or loss, and changes in their overall relationships – much like the disruptions incurred in their professional life.

As an employer you play a primary role in providing ongoing support to your team as we continue to face these different times. If you are looking for a special occasion to recognize employees then look no further and mark the calendar for Employee Appreciation Day on March 4th, 2022. This is a great opportunity to thank employees for their perseverance and we have highlighted some perfectly curated gift ideas below!

Enjoy Gift Box

This is a well-rounded box of unique new home office essentials. From stylish stationary supplies to tasty treats, and a cute kit to grow your own prickly pear cactus. Each product will bring a fresh pop to your employee’s home setup and act as a special reminder of your appreciation for them.

Divine Gift Box

Two words – self care. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of taking time for ourselves to rest and recharge. The beautiful box was designed to pamper recipients with a soothing mix of elements to help rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame
We love curating corporate gifts that encourage employees to unplug, and this one does just that! With a mix of self care luxuries and fine quality dominos set, it will give them something new and fun to do outside of working hours.

2022 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas: Merci
This gift is perfect for remote employees that may be missing trips to the office’s breakroom coffee pot or nearby café. Why not bring the coffee to them with this thoughtful gift box of premium products that literally say thank you!
The Most Wine-derful Time

The Most Wine-derful Time
For your employees that love a good happy hour – then this one is for them. A decadent mix of sweets, savories, and of course wine makes this box a wonderful way to thank employees and encourage them to celebrate all their accomplishments once that clock hits 5 (somewhere!).

Browse our full corporate gift collection to find the perfect box for each of your valued team members to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. All gifts are professionally prepared within 1 – 3 business days and are available for either local pick-up or delivery within Halifax, as well as shipping all across Canada. If interested in learning more about our custom corporate gifting process, then please let us know at


1Government of Canada, S. C. (2021, October 4). Survey on covid-19 and mental health, February to May 2021. Statistics Canada. Retrieved February 12, 2022, from