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Kind people

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Something magical happens when time is taken to prepare a gift thoughtfully; a genuine connection can be made. We assist gift givers by creating one-of-a-kind gifts we know people will LOVE to receive because creating magic is our specialty!


It All Started

As I grew up, I would sit with my mom in her craft-room, eagerly awaiting any and all scraps of materials she would leave behind. I enjoyed everything about that room – the smell, the colors and the endless possibilities of things that could be created. Over the years, I observed something spectacular in that room, I watched my mom create one-of-a-kind gifts for my dad’s clients and employees. With a small business growing from the basement of our house, my parents knew how important it was for my dad’s clients and employees to feel appreciated. They had a small budget, so they tapped into my mom’s craft skills to pull together thoughtful gifts made from the heart, and guess what, people loved them!

My dad’s business grew because he communicated his appreciation to his clients and his employees. His clients stayed loyal to him and referred his business, while his employees worked hard because they believed in his vision and his effort to appreciate their commitment. I learned from a young age that deep connections are made when you take the time to nurture a relationship, whether they are business or personal. I believe that gifts are more than the items you give someone; they communicate something specific to the receiver whether the message is intentional or not. Think about it, how amazing does it feel when you receive something you didn't think anyone knew you wanted or was something you really enjoyed? It makes you feel super happy and special, and I am fortunate anytime I have the opportunity to be part of that kind of joy!

I am the incredibly proud mom to three beautiful children, they are my whole world and my full-time entertainment. I am also lucky to be married to a man that fills my soul with laughter and serenity. You will often find me playing loud music in my studio, wearing yoga pants and no makeup, reliving the experiences I had in mom’s craft room.

I am so pleased to share my gift collection and custom gifting services with you all. Please join me in my mission of spreading more kindness into the world and creating genuine connections with the people in our lives :)

With much gratitude




Are you looking for a special birthday or baby shower gift? What about a custom corporate gift to really impress your new clients? Or maybe you just want your employees to know how much you appreciate them? What about welcome gifts that will let your out of town wedding guests know how grateful you are that they traveled for your big day?

Whatever the reason, we provide gift solutions for all occasions and all quantities. Our clients value our unique offerings and stress-free gift experience both online and one-on-one gift consulting for custom orders. We offer unique, high quality, tasteful, gifts that you will be proud to give.