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5 Tips To Stretch Your Holiday Budget

November 05, 2019 3 min read

Check everyone off your list this year without going over budget!

1) Make a plan with a list and a budget

Make a list of everyone in your life you’ll buy a gift for this year, and don’t forget those people like your child’s teacher or your administrative assistant. Consider how much you want to spend on each person, and then jot down your gifting budget. It’s easy to spend more than you should in December, but you may regret that in January, so stick to your budget! 

Pro tip:

As the saying goes, time is money, so when it comes to shopping, being organized is key. Brainstorm the types of gifts each person on your list would like, then think about where those items can be purchased. Buying multiple gifts from one place (without making a second trip) is often practical and doable. If you’re stuck on gift ideas, check out your favourite store’s website or browse  Black Bow Gift Co.’s gifts for inspiration.

2) Go in on a group gift

Want to get your parents an amazing gift, but it’s out of your budget range? Opt for a group gift with your siblings or other family members. You can use the same idea for your child’s teacher, coach or supervisors at work. Getting people together to pool resources means you can buy pricier gifts, and the recipient may love the idea of the advance planning and teamwork involved even more. If you’re the one organizing the group gift, it’s easier to approach people with a specific gift in mind, so do some research and offer the group  a couple of specific options. Another idea is putting together a basket or box of gifts, so everyone in the group has some input. At Black Bow Gift Co., we’ve had a few groups who don’t live in the same area  build their own custom gift box through our website. It’s another way to work together when people are not physically in the same location.

Pro tip:

Secret Santa is a good choice for larger groups of people, like big families or sizeable work groups. Everyone still gets a gift to open, but limiting each person to giving and getting one gift, and setting a reasonable budget, means everyone can save some money. 

3) Look for sales

One of the benefits of starting early is more time to hunt for sales. Pre-Christmas sales are now common, so take advantage of them! Plus, if you’re buying more gifts at one time, you can often find BOGO-type deals. Keep track of the gifts you buy early, and be sure to check them off your list and update your holiday shopping budget so you don’t accidentally buy twice for the same person. 

4) Try a DIY

Everyone loves something personal and handmade, so consider who on your list would love something made just by you, and try a do-it-yourself project. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate DIY either. Homemade cookies with a hand-written card is an affordable gift that doesn’t take much time to make. Just remember, DIYs in general may look easier in theory than in practice, and sometimes takea lot longer than you think they will.  Build this into your timeline—especially for DIY projects you haven’t done before— and start early, so you aren’t up until midnight on Christmas Eve trying to finish your gift.

Pro Tip:

Make a Pinterest account and start pinning. There are so many great ideas for thoughtful handmade gifts. Local craft fairs are also a good place to pick up something handmade by someone else or even to find inspiration yourself.

5) Don’t forget wrapping paper

Pretty presents look good on Instagram, and they also feel special to receive. Taking time to thoughtfully wrap a present and write a card makes the gift more memorable and personal. Do keep your budget in mind, though, because buying paper, bows and ribbons adds up, especially if you’ve got a lot of gifts to wrap. Wrapping a present that makes a statement doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple paper, even brown craft paper, with really elegant ribbon, a sparkly bow or a festive ornament does the trick. Or keep it simple, skip the wrapping, and look for  premade gifts that already look great just as they are. 

One last thing...

It might be hard getting through the holiday season completely stress-free, but try to have fun! Black Bow Gifting Co. is here to help ease some stress with our  holiday gift collection. Our curated collections make it easy to find the perfect present with Black Bow, so you can get back to spending time with the people you love this season.

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