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Black Bow's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Canadian-Sourced

December 06, 2022 2 min read

Last, but definitely not least, in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide series is one we are very excited to share: Canadian Sourced! If you are familiar with our website, you will already know that we love to highlight Canadian- and Maritime-sourced luxury gifts and artisan products and that we are so proud of the local vendors we get to work with! These beautiful and local gift boxes are a true celebration of what some of our favourite Canadian artisans are creating. The festive gift boxes and fun gift ideas shown in this guide are the perfect gifts to send to any number of recipients, be them corporate client gifts, a gift to share a taste of Nova Scotia with an out-of-province friend, or simply a unique gift idea that will surely make you stand out this holiday season.

Check out our gift guide here and find links to each of these gifts and products below or browse our website for even more inspiration! And don't stop here, always know we believe any gift on the site can make a great holiday gift and encourage you to shop many of our other thoughtfully selected themes and collections.

Local Gift Boxes, Canadian Gifting Companies

Click on any of the links below to start gifting!

1. Merry Maritimes Gift Box
2. Buffalo Print Maple Leaf Stemless Wine Glass
3. Nova Scotia Wood Ornament
4. Nova Scotia Joy Gift Box
5. Office Snacks Gift Box
6. Gourmet Holiday Stocking Stuffer
7. Day Starter Gift Box
8. Peppermint Party Gift Box
9. Gold Painted Chocolate Santa Pop
10. Gourmet Bacon Jam * Currently this product is only available in pre-designed gifts.
11. Zen Gift Box
12. Spicy Craft Beer Brittle
13. The Audrey: Dark Chocolate Bar with Cherry & Pistachio * Also available in The Jackie: Caramelized Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt and The Whisky: Boozy Dark Chocolate Bar
14. Nova Scotia Golf Balls - 3 Pack
15. Halifax Love Gift Box
16. Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
17. Bamboo Coasters with Paw Print & Hearts - Set of 2 * Also available with Mandala or Olive Tree designs
18. Mistletoe & Winterberry Soy Wax Candle
19. Premium Goodness Gift Box

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