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Black Bow's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For Families

December 02, 2022 2 min read

Next up in our Gift Guide series is Black Bow's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Families! These beautiful gift boxes and festive products make up unique and family-friendly gift ideas that are sure to impress this holiday season! A shareable food gift, or an entertaining games-themed gift are the perfect gift boxes for the family who wants to make memories spending time together.

Pro-Tip: Using our Design A Gift feature to select the perfect product for every member of the family will make for the ultimate family Christmas gift!

Check out our gift guide here and find links to each of these gifts and products below, or browse our website for even more inspiration! And don't stop here, always know we believe any gift on the site can make a great holiday gift and encourage you to shop many of our other thoughtfully selected themes and collections.

Click on any of the links below to start gifting!

1. Snack Frost Gift Box
2. Name A  Star Kit
3. Penguin Plush & Teether
4. Kitchen Party Gift Box * Has option to include Charcuterie Board
5. Reindeer Games Gift Box
6. Cozy Holiday Stocking Stuffer
7. Deck The Cookies Gift Box
8. Gingerbread Cookie Ornament
9. Penguin Pal Gift Box
10. Peppermint Swirl Gift Box
11. Night Before Christmas Belgian Chocolate Mouse
12. Merry Christmas Mini Puzzle
13. Breakfast of Champions Gift Box
14. Holiday Cookie Silicone Spatula - 1 Piece
15. Family Fun Gift Box

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