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October 19, 2021 2 min read

The holidays are always a busy time of the year as teams strive to achieve year-end goals and wrap up projects before the Christmas break. Despite the rush, it is important to pause and take time to show your appreciation for all your employees and clients. In the spirit of the season, gift giving is the perfect way to do so! Although it may be one more thing on your to-do list, it’s a joyful tradition worth the investment to bring cheer to your team.

To streamline the process, your Friendly Gift Experts have created a guide below of the main things to consider for corporate gift giving during the holiday season:

Employee Holiday Gifts

For starters, create a budget of how much are you willing to spend. Once you start looking at options and finer details it is easy to get carried away when it comes to gift giving so be sure to establish your comfort zone and (try!) to stick to it.

Client Gifts for the Holidays

Next, create a list of all the recipients you would like to recognize. In addition to employees and clients, you may also want to consider external partners like suppliers, service providers, couriers, etc. This is a critical step of your planning as the quantity can impact your gifting options available and timing that may be required for preparation.

Holiday Gift Ideas

The fun part! Start brainstorming what you would like to give those special connections as there can be lots of things to consider. We love to pick a theme that ties all the items together such as self-care packages, or ingredients to mix up a cocktail during happy hour. You may even want to consider custom branded content to make the gift truly unique and memorable.

For the presentation, since it is the holidays you may opt to embrace traditional Christmas colours, or jazz up the company colours with a festive touch such as a pine tree sprig, holly, candy cane or mini ornaments.

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Finally, you’ll need to consider the logistics of getting the gifts from A to B. You can choose to deliver the gifts directly to the recipient’s home, or you may consider hand delivering them at the office or a holiday event.

Regardless of which method you choose, we encourage you to plan early. For example, giving gifts in early December would help minimize the risk of any delays and also help you stand out as one of the first to spread holiday cheer.

Feeling ready and inspired to start planning your corporate gifts? Let us know how we can help! For gift lists of 20 or more visit our Corporate & Client Gifting page to get started. For smaller quantities check out our curated collections  just for the holidays. All orders are available for pick-up in Dartmouth or shipping across Canada.