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How to Show Your Clients You Appreciate Them!

June 02, 2019 4 min read

Why client gifting is so important and what you need to know to make the best impression

Everyone wants to be appreciated. Whether you are a business owner, a boss, employee or a customer, knowing you are valued and that you matter can go a long way to instilling lasting and trustworthy connections and ultimately increase your bottom line. And one of the best ways to show your appreciation is a thoughtful gift that reflects how much you value that relationship.

Branded Client Gifts to elevate your brand to the next level. Promotional gifts to impress at your next big event or holiday client list. Say thank you with a gift your clients will love. Gifts with your logo.  Gifting clients is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. This trend is in line with the overall growing demand among consumers and young business owners to put social responsibility at the top of their list. We are entering an era where people genuinely matter — just look at the rise in non-profits and the push for corporate accountability. Regardless of the sector, consumers and clients are now more aware of and consider a company’s social responsibility when determining where to spend their hard-earned dollars. Let’s face it, the internet has opened up a world of options for consumers, which makes separating your business from the pack of other companies that offer the same product at the same or even lower price, that much more important.

With more and more companies offering client gifts as a way to show their appreciation, the trick becomes finding something unique that also represents your business and its underlying values - oh and lets not forget is also something your client would be excited to receive. Whether you are a real estate agent or property manager that wants to welcome homeowners or renters to their new home, a construction company completing a major renovation, a spa or hair salon looking to simply give back to clients or even an insurance company thanking its top sellers in their industry, there are countless opportunities for any business to appreciate and thank its clients. To help you get started, here are a few tips to ensure you choose an appropriate gift for your clients.

Stay on brand.  If your business is fun, make sure your gift reflects that vibe. If your business is professional and very ‘put-together,’ choose items with more structure and sophistication. Remember the reality is the type of clients you attract are likely already in-line with your business atmosphere and products. Young, fun, hip companies attract similar clients and naturally those clients would be okay receiving something that is little more ‘out there,’ different and unique. 

Listen to your clients. When deciding on a gift, really think about the things your client told you, what they really enjoy, what they are looking for, and narrow your choices from there. For example, if your client is obsessed with golf, get super-specific and focus perhaps on a golf-themed gift. You can even take it up a notch and include some of their favourite products and brands, which shows them you’ve been listening to them and actually paying attention to what they are saying. Perhaps, your client is obsessed with red wine. Check out your local wine store or vineyard to see what’s new or what wine they suggest your client try based on their likes. Go the extra mile and include a card that provides information about the wine and why you picked it for them. 

Food, food and more food. Food is always a great choice — everyone likes to eat! There are endless options so this is the perfect opportunity to build a closer connection to your client. This gives your client a little glimpse into your world and can help build a deeper connection between you, as it can show them you not only respect and trust them enough to let them know who you are as a person, but that you appreciate them enough to give them a gift. Clients and customers love to feel special and connected, something that is especially important for a new or small business where one-on-one connections are key. 

Branded Client Gifts to elevate your brand to the next level. Promotional gifts to impress at your next big event or for your holiday client gift list. Play it safe if you don't know your clients that well. While creativity is always a great asset to any company, you will want to stay away from giving clients anything too unique or different that might leave them wondering, ‘What is this?’ This is especially so if you don’t know your client that well or you are gifting for a really large and diverse group. You don't want to offend them or give them something they really won’t use or worse, leave them scratching their heads, wondering why you chose the gift.

Side note - if you do know your clients really well (and we suggest you put the effort into making sure you do) then go all out! Show them you really know them, understand what they want and need. Offering them a gift can be the best way to impress either a new customer or a long-standing one and create and connection and as well, loyalty.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure your intentions are genuine and this will come across to your clients. Whether you already have something in mind or if you need a little help, we’ve got you covered. Just click here for a free consultation or if you’re ready to buy and just looking for small quantity right now, shop our large collection or even design your own gift here. Happy gifting!