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Our Best Holiday Client Gifts That Are Fun, Festive, and Unforgettable

October 24, 2022 4 min read

With the holiday season fast approaching, we know that finding the perfect client gift to show your appreciation to those who work with and support your business is going to be on your mind. Client gifting is an incredible way to make sure clients who work with you feel valued, and it can create both stronger working relationships and brand recognition. This has been common knowledge in the corporate world for a long time which brings up the all-important question of how to set yourself apart when client gifting, especially during the holiday season.

As your Gifting Experts, we have just the answer for you: send your clients a luxury gift box from Black Bow Gift Co! We understand how important it is that your clients receive memorable gifts that wow them and reflect on you as a company, so we are sharing with you some of our top client appreciation gifts to send this holiday!

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Classic For a Reason

There are some things that just make sense during the holidays, and a gift featuring a traditionally festive theme is one of those things. A gift with a classic holiday colour scheme is an easy yes when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday client gift. 'Tis the season, after all! Lean into the most wonderful time of the year and your clients will think of you as the most wonderful gifter of all. A pro tip from us: including a practical product in your client gifts means that your clients will think of you every time they use it! 


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For The Whole Office

If you are sending a client gift to an office, not including enough to share would be quite the faux pas. Ensure that you are sending a gift with plenty of snacks to go around and you will be the talk of the impromptu office party that is bound to happen after receiving your gift. A combination of sweet and salty snacks means there is something for everyone and the whole team will appreciate that they were thought of. Plus, this unique client gift presentation in a serving tray will allow everyone to see this stunning arrangement of treats before even opening your gift. All eyes on you, or your gift, is definitely a good thing!

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Supporting Local

It's very common for those local to our beautiful province to want to send their out of province clients a taste of Nova Scotia, and a curated gift box made entirely with local products is a thoughtful and memorable way to do so. Not only will a Nova Scotia gift box show your clients what makes this Atlantic province amazing, aside from you of course, but it can also feel like a more heartfelt gesture for your non-local clients. Recipients of a gift box like this will feel like you are sharing something personal with them while still maintaining your professionalism. We are also proud to carry a whole collection of Canadian sourced gifts and products to send to your clients this holiday and show them what our incredible country has to offer.

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Good Things in Small Packages

You don't have to completely break the bank to send client gifts during the holidays, especially after checking your list twice and realizing how many people you would like to gift. Corporate client gifting is all about creating and strengthening connections and a festive mini gift is proof that it's not about the size of the gift that matters. These gifts may be smaller in stature, but the quality of products we craft them with, and their impressive presentation mean that you are not compromising on luxury by selecting a mini gift.


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There may be many reasons why you might want to send a client gift that is not as festive as our holiday collection. You may prefer not to send holiday-themed gifts if your clients do not celebrate the same holidays, but you still want to show them appreciation as the year comes to a close. Maybe you yourself do not celebrate the holidays, but you don't want to miss the perfect opportunity to gift your clients. Rest assured that we will always have you covered with year-round client appreciation gifts that are still shoppable during the holiday season here.

Gifting from our holiday-themed collection will already set you apart from the other businesses who are also privy to corporate client gifting but making the most of what Black Bow Gift Co. offers will truly allow you to make your clients' holiday seasons bright. Every Black Bow gift is created with premium supplies, floral or festive accents, a hand-written message card, and countless options for custom branding. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you send unforgettable client gifts, and if you are looking to send 25+ corporate gifts for the holidays, email us at for our exclusive Coporate Holiday Catalogue 2022 (available only by request)!