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Our Top 5 New Years Gifts if You Missed Your Holiday Deadline

December 15, 2022 2 min read

It can happen to the best of us: try as we might, we may not be able to check off everyone on our gift list prior to the holidays. If this is you right now, don't stress! Sending a New Years gift box in January is not only a thoughtful gesture, but can also serve as an added surprise for your recipient after their holiday season has wound down.

Sending your recipient a luxury self-care gift can help them keep their resolutions and can set the tone for the year they want to have for themselves. The best New Years gifts focus on wellness and healthy living, both of which are at the forefront of so many people's minds when a new year begins.

Below we have listed our 5 best wellness gift boxes to ring in a happy and healthy 2023 for your recipients, or that may inspire you to treat yourself!

Wellness Gifts, Self Care Gifts for Women
Kick Start the New Year with a stunning gift box made to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether your recipient's resolution is to spend more time in the gym or even just to make sure they stretch during commercial breaks, this beautiful and feminine gift will make them excited to keep up the great work past January.
Neutral Wellness Gifts, Neutral New Years Gift Ideas
Is there anything more relaxing than a day at the spa? Maybe a day spent at home with just you and this spa-themed gift box! Let your recipient enjoy all the spoils of a day of pampering, without having the leave the house. 
Gender Neutral Self Care Gifts
Not all self-care gifts have to be catered towards women! A neutral wellness gift such as this one can be gifted to any recipient to wish them a productive and focused year ahead. Gift them a journal so they can record their goals (and record when they smash them) and this cheeky coffee mug as a reminder that even in a great year, they may need an extra little boost at some point!
Men's Wellness Gifts
They say big things come in small packages and this mini gift really packs a big punch! Self-care can be simple and still be luxurious, and this gender-neutral self-care gift box is definite proof of that. 
Non-Alcoholic Gift Ideas
After a busy season of parties and celebrations, this gorgeous gift box (now available with our Oatmilk and Honey Soap) is the perfect way to encourage your recipient to focus on themselves and relax a little bit. The inclusion of a non-alcoholic wine beverage is an indication that you can enjoy life while still slowing down a little, a welcome reminder when January hits.
All of these thoughtful gift boxes can be shopped online in our Healing & Wellness Collection and these pampering products are available through our Black Bow Market or to use in your own custom gift designs here.