March 28, 2022 3 min read

Have you ever sat down to write a message for a card and not known what to say? If so you’re not alone as this is one of the most common pain points we hear from our clients. It’s ironic that we can put so much thought and effort into curating the perfect gift to reflect our intentions, but totally draw a blank when it comes to putting it into words on the card. 

At Black Bow Gift Co., we tend to focus on highlighting gift ideas and designs, but truth be told the card is also an important element of the overall experience. It is often the first thing a recipient will look for when handed a gift and can leave a lasting impression on them. That’s why we include a complimentary, handwritten card with every gift purchased.

Your Friendly Gift Experts have also provided some tips and tricks below for all sorts of gifting occasions to help you conquer your notecard writer’s block.

Happy Birthday Notecard Tips

A special day just for them, which means you probably picked out something special just for them! Use the card as an opportunity to explain why you chose what you did – does it remind you of a memory together? Will it help them celebrate their day in some manner? Express what you hope the gift will achieve in celebration for their special day.

Congratulations Message

Congratulate the happy couple and wish them all the best for their future ahead. If you can recall a fond memory of the two of them that may be special to share. Or if you have a special piece of advice for their new life together that can be fun to jot down too.

Sympathy Card Messages

Gifts are not always given for a joyful occasion, but the hope is that the gesture will bring comfort and care to the recipient. In these circumstances it can be extra difficult to think of what to say. It’s important to remember the thought and gesture of the gift will speak volumes for you. Be genuine, be sincere and they will appreciate that you are thinking of them.


Employee & Client Appreciation


Cards in a professional setting can be complicated – you do not want to cross any personal lines, but you also want to avoid using a cookie cutter message for all as that could be interpreted as insincere. We suggest getting straight to the point (E.g. thank you, recognition, congratulations), and try to think of a unique example or reason for each person. This approach will help ensure the message is clear and feels sincere to the gift recipient.

Thinking of You Gifts

We love Just Because gifts because they are always full of surprise. Whatever your reason may be for gifting, be sure to use the card to explain your purpose of it and what you hope to achieve with it. Do you want your long-distance friend to know you miss them? Do you want your busy bee sister to slow down and enjoy a self-care night? Let them know in the notecard!

Whether it be short & sweet, long & lengthy, a song lyric, a poem or whatever your mind comes up with – the objective of the notecard is to express your gesture to the recipient. Simply be sincere and the rest will follow. 

At Black Bow Gift Co., we have thoughtfully designed gift boxes for all sorts of gift occasions. Alternatively, if you wish to create your own special gift, explore our Design a Gift page.