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Filmic Fiesta

Pricing starts at: $90
Minimum quantity required: 100 gifts
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

This one-of-a-kind gift offers customised gifting solutions for the best Movie Night Experience. Its unique presentation features and exciting products create the perfect setting to communicate a theme with branded cold cup to enjoy that cold drink with the movie along with a wholesome popcorn seasoning experience kit along with delicious Movie Night Chocolate Treat. 

Available Customizations:
- Double Walled Cold Cup: Branding visible on face of cup with your choice of placement. Additional colours available. Timeline Needed: 2-3 Weeks, Minimum Quantity: 100

- 16oz Double Walled Branded Cold Cup 
Gourmet DIY Movie Night Popcorn Seasoning Kit
Movie Night Caramel Popcorn Milk Chocolate Bar (Gluten Free)
- Custom Branded Message Card (Double Side Printed) 
- Custom Branded Sticker for Mailer Box 

Our Signature Finishing Touches: 

 - Your gift includes a full size branded message card with your personal message handwritten on it complimentary. (Character Limit Applies) 

 - All contents are packaged and shipped securely in a kraft mailer (as shown) for a fun and exciting unboxing experience. The mailer box will include a branded sticker to go on the top to add the perfect brand touch to the gift. 

Shipping Details: 

Timeline is inclusive of time needed for all of your custom branded products to be designed and does not account for time needed to design and curate gifts, or shipping times, if required. Our Corporate Concierge Team is happy to provide a complete timeline estimate based on production time needed for branded products, total number of gifts needed, and availability in our Corporate Calendar. 

Bulk shipping ranges from approximately $4-$25 per gift with the best economies of scale when you ship multiple gifts to a single location. For more information around shipping please visit our FAQ.

Please note: You can brand one or all of the customizable products shown in this gift. The individual product timelines, shown above, indicate how long your chosen product will require to be designed. If ordering this gift with more than one branded product, your timeline will default to whichever product requires the longest production time.


Chocolate Disclaimer: While this has yet to be an issue, we do advise using caution when sending chocolate, specifically in the summer months or if temperatures in your recipient’s location tend to sit above 70°F or 21°C. Please note that Black Bow Gift Co. cannot be held responsible for any chocolate products that could potentially melt while your gift is in transit during periods of excessive temperatures.

We are always happy to offer product substitution recommendations at your request by emailing us or by replying to your order confirmation email.