Single Malt & Bourbon Flavoured Toothpicks 2 Pack

Each 2 Pack comes with 1 bottle of Single Malt No.16 and 1 bottle of Bourbon No.22. Made in Canada.

Bourbon No.22:
Whisky is measured in years, not days or weeks. It’s this dedication to time and tradition that makes Kentucky Bourbon sit well on these toothpicks. Because they are made with straight - barrel aged - Bourbon whiskey, these No.22s are subtle at first, building complexity when warmed in the mouth. So take your time and give the boozy phenols a chance to speak - you'll like what they have to say.

Single Malt No.16:
Scotch was born of a painful requirement for patience. Aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of ten years. If it's too old, the oak flavor picked up in the barrel mellows into the same tasting notes as the birch these toothpicks are cut from. Made from a recipe we created in 2011 and continue to tweak to this day Single Malt No.16 is about the subtle balance of Islay, single malt, and top quality birch.
This product is proudly sourced from a Canadian company. 🇨🇦