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You're A Star

Pricing starts at: $210
Minimum quantity required: 1 gifts
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

This impressive, luxury gift box will make your recipients feel both rewarded and appreciated upon unboxing. With two unique opportunities to include your custom branding on either the insulated tumbler or on the star plaque (or on both), you can include your company name, logo, slogan, or even a personalized message.

Available Customizations:
- Insulated Tumbler: Branding visible on face of tumbler. Alternate colours available. Timeline Needed: 3 Weeks, Minimum Quantity: 12
- Star Plaque: Branding visible on face of plaque.
Timeline Needed: 2-3 Weeks, Minimum Quantity: 1

- Minty White Tea Includes Two Tea Bags
- You Are Amazing Vanilla Scented Soy Wax Candle
- Vanilla Sugar Cone Crisps
- Insulated Tumbler (With or Without Branding)
- Star Plaque (With or Without Branding)

Our Luxury Finishing Touches: 

 - Your personal message is handwritten on a complimentary full-sized card from our large selection of exclusive designs 

 - All contents are packaged artfully and securely in a premium gift box (as shown) for a picture-perfect unboxing experience. Your gift box is of the highest quality and is meant to be used as a keepsake box for special items and treasures 

- Your gift box is tied perfectly with a premium double satin ribbon (as shown) and is accented with our hand-selected and seasonal preserved florals, greenery and other naturals making each gift that much more special and unique  

 - A beautiful white liner and Black Bow Gift Co. tear-resistant seal creates extra luxury and ‘WOW’ effect when the lid is removed giving the recipient time to pause and read your thoughtful message while still keeping the contents of your gift a lovely surprise for just a little while longer… 

Shipping Details: 

Timeline is inclusive of time needed for all of your custom branded products to be designed and does not account for time needed to design and curate gifts, or shipping times, if required. Our Corporate Concierge Team is happy to provide a complete timeline estimate based on production time needed for branded products, total number of gifts needed, and availability in our Corporate Calendar.

Bulk shipping ranges from approximately $4-$25 per gift with the best economies of scale when you ship multiple gifts to a single location. For more information around shipping please visit our FAQ.

Please note: You can brand one or all of the customizable products shown in this gift. The individual product timelines, shown above, indicate how long your chosen product will require to be designed. If ordering this gift with more than one branded product, your timeline will default to whichever product requires the longest production time.