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Be Ready for This Season’s Top 3 Gift Occasions With The 2022 Fall Gift Box Collection

August 30, 2022 4 min read

A Collection Worth FALL-ing For!

Fall in Nova Scotia is our absolute favourite season! The remnants of Summer live on through what we think is our best weather of the year, the lush green that grows throughout our city transforms into rich ochre tones, and our fave food-centric holidays are on the horizon. Fall is a time of gratitude and gathering, and of course, gifting!

Our Fall gifts collection embodies everything we love about the season of giving. If you are anything like us, the first crisp breezes that blows immediately brings with it visions of sitting beside a crackling fire, and warming our hands with an aromatic mug of something hot and comforting. Bikinis and beach days are swapped for PSL’s and pumpkin patches. Fall brings with it so many opportunities to spread kindness and show your loved ones that you are thinking of them, and the gifts in our Fall collection do just that.

As we approach this autumnal season of both comfort and transformation, our reasons for gifting truly reflect the qualities of the season. Our team has been carefully harvesting the products presented in this collection to curate gifts that will remind your gift recipients how special this time of year can be, and that it is worth celebrating. Continue reading for an introduction to our Fall gift collection and the gifting occasions we’ll be making easy for you this season!

1. Housewarming
Although moving is a year-round activity, as Fall is a natural time of change there is always an influx of people moving into new living spaces around this time. What a better way to welcome them into their new home than with a housewarming gift that will allow them to settle in and enjoy the spoils their new dwelling provides them. Whether they are the type to prefer a steaming mug of coffee while the sun rises, or to pop a bottle of something more fun after the sun goes down, celebrate them finding their new sanctuary with one of our new gifts below! A kitchen-themed gift will ensure that mornings at home are anything but ordinary. They may not have all their boxes unpacked yet, but as long as there is coffee to brew and a mug to fill, they will feel right at home! Meanwhile, a cocktail-themed gift will kick off their housewarming in style! If you needed a reason to party, this is it! And as an added bonus, you can let your recipient know it is customary to use a gifted cocktail shaker to make cocktails for the gift-giver. (We aren’t one hundred percent sure if this is true or not, but we do think it’s only fair.)


2. Self-Care
Despite being such big fans of the seasons changing, it’s no secret that as the weather shifts, so do our moods. Combat the seasonal sadness that may be setting in for your loved ones with one of our thoughtful gifts that say “I care about you, and you should too!”. Sometimes all it takes is that little reminder to change your perspective. Our self-care gifts are perfect little pick-me-ups that will have your recipient looking forward to the Fall. Summer, who?? Treat your friends, or treat yourself! You deserve it. 


3. Fall Birthdays
Virgos, Libras, Scorpios, oh my! Birthdays are one of our favourite things to celebrate, and Fall birthdays are no exception. These earth, air, and water signs are so worth celebrating and deserve unique gifts that speak to their inner selves. Never given a horoscope gift before? Let us help you!

Practical Virgos will appreciate a unique gift with a combination of products that are useful and products that will help them de-stress. A gift with mugs that they can use everyday, and a deliciously-scented candle will tick the boxes for them. (By the way, Virgo is is the Goddess of wheat which makes a wheat accent a super special touch!) 

The Libra in your life is more focused on aesthetics. They are excited by symmetry, governed by beauty, and have exquisite taste. For your Libra bestie, a gift that focuses on products that will help them feel beautiful from the inside-out is going to be the way to go! Think skincare, healthy treats, and a distinct colour theme to WOW them. 

Oh, Scorpios! To know a Scorpio is to love them, most of the time. Definitely the most fiery of water signs, your Scorpio friend is adventurous, unapologetic, and believes in deeply loyal friendships. They will enjoy indulgent gifts in shades that are as bold as they are, such as scarlet reds or rust oranges. Including something comforting will bring out the softer side of Scorpios not seen quite as often.


Fall may be the underdog of gifting seasons, but it shouldn’t be with so many gifting opportunities abound! For these and many more fall-inspired gifts, shop our Fall Collection or pick and choose your favourite Fall products and use our Design-A-Gift feature.