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Large-Scale Corporate Gifting This Holiday Season And Why You Should Start Now!

September 21, 2022 5 min read

’Tis the season! No, really!

If you are looking to do large-scale gifting this holiday season (sending 25 or more gifts), now is the time to start planning. It may seem a little premature, but when you are looking to send high quantities of gifts, you will need significantly more time to place your gift orders than if you are shopping for a handful of loved ones. Getting your holiday gift orders in earlier also allows more opportunity for you to customize your gifts, more selection for you to choose from, and more peace of mind when December hits and you are dashing through the snow instead of scrambling for last minute gifts. Plus, everyone knows those who gift early are a shoe-in for The Nice List. 

As your Gifting Experts, we always value the trust you put in us to curate thoughtful and unique gifts that best represent your company and your appreciation for those to whom you are gifting. That is why we want to share our expertise with you and outline everything you will need to know about high volume gifting this holiday season. Consider it an early holiday gift from us to you!

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Benefits of Outsourcing
Outsourcing your corporate gifting to a full-service gifting company, such as ours, can be a huge saver of both time and money. By choosing our Corporate Concierge Team to manage your gift orders, you will also be choosing a stress-free experience that allows you to be as involved as you would like to be, while letting us do the heavy lifting for you!

Our Corporate Concierge Team will offer consultation during every step of your gifting process and will take the legwork out of curating impressive gifts for every member of your team. We can manage custom product sourcing, branding, gift curation, delivery tracking, and every other detail of your gifting experience from start to finish. Imagine having more time to actually enjoy the season’s festivities while knowing with confidence that you can cross corporate gifting off of your to-do list!

When you are looking to do large-scale gifting, your first question is likely along the lines of “How early do I really need to order?”. The simple answer is that the earlier, the better, but as a general rule of thumb, if you are looking to order 25-100 gifts, we recommend ordering 1-2 months before you need your gifts and we recommend ordering 2-3 months in advance for orders of 100 or more. This allows time to design custom branding or source custom products, if required, but also ensures that you have the most options available for your selection.

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    We all know the feeling of ordering something and anticipating its delivery date only to have our order not show up when it is supposed to. These shipping issues are only amplified the closer we get to the holidays, especially with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shipping is one of the biggest factors we take into account when determining order timelines as we are only able to estimate delivery dates when we send gifts out through the mail.

    For our clients who live locally and are able to pick up their orders, or have them hand-delivered, we are able to determine specific pick up or delivery dates ahead of time. However, for clients looking to have gifts shipped, whether it’s a single gift from your order or all of them, early shipping is key. Our clients have the freedom to select their preferred shipping date and can upgrade to faster shipping for an additional fee.

    Our Black Bow standard of perfectly presented gifts is never compromised when we ship gifts, meaning that your recipients are still in for a beautiful and exciting unboxing experience. We are also fully equipped to handle bulk shipping of gifts within Canada, and our team will even monitor your tracking information for you!

    Supply Chain
    As with shipping, supply chain issues tend to flare up around the holidays, and are still being affected by the pandemic. This means that we may need to confer with multiple vendors regarding custom-sourced products, or that we may be unable to reorder a product currently in stock within your required timeline. Gift shopping early gives your team of gifters ample time to secure your most-wanted products in high quantities without having to compromise your vision. 

    In an instance where we cannot move forward with your desired product, our team will exhaust all resources to provide alternatives that you are proud to send, and potentially put your name on, and that your recipients are excited to receive.

    Ordering your corporate gifts early, especially when it comes to high volume corporate gifting, really opens up the options you have to fully customize the gifts you are sending. Our various tiers of customization allow you a multitude opportunities to put a personal touch on your gifts with countless combinations of what you can customize! Your Concierge will be there every step of the way to offer suggestions and design branding materials, if needed.

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    Keeping your ordering timelines in mind, your personal Concierge will take you through our 3 step process to take you from planning your gifts to WOWing your recipients. These steps are as follows:

    1. Securing Your Order: You can review your budget, timeline, and gift selection with your Concierge. At this stage, our team will provide you with gift options to choose from, and will secure your products and your spot in our corporate calendar. Another reason why ordering earlier is better!
    1. Choosing The Fun Details: After making your general gift selection, you have the opportunity to fully design your gift presentation! This includes designing custom details (such as exterior tags or branded products), selecting ribbon colours, card designs, and festive accents. We can even print personal messaging on custom message cards or add a “Do Not Open Until..” indicator on your gifts. The sky really is the limit when it comes to gifting and we love thinking outside the box to curate truly memorable gifts that will set you, and us, apart.
    1. Choosing Your Delivery Preference: We are happy to offer a variety of delivery methods including pick up, hand delivery, nationwide shipping, and international shipping. Delivery options may be limited due to the destination of your gifts, but your Concierge will offer you the best possible option for your gifting needs and will be able to discuss and secure specified shipping fees based on your order.

    The leaves may just be starting to change, but the chill in the air is an indicator that the holidays are just around the corner and you don’t want to be left without options when December hits. If you will be doing large-scale gifting this year, we hope this has served as a helpful starting point for your planning!

    When you are ready to take the next step, reach out to us directly at to be connected to your Corporate Concierge and see what our new Corporate Holiday Catalogue 2022 can offer you!