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The Perfect Host Gifts to Give This Thanksgiving Season

September 26, 2022 3 min read

Can you believe that Thanksgiving in Canada is just around the corner? Neither can we, but boy, are we excited! Any day that is focused on gathering with your loved ones and sharing in a home-cooked feast is a perfect day in our books. If you are not the one hosting Thanksgiving this year, you will likely be looking for the perfect host gift to show your gratefulness for those opening their homes to you and welcoming you in.

Even without the added stress of hosting a holiday event, this time of year is quite busy for us all. You may have questions about what makes the perfect thanksgiving gift, or maybe you want a totally unique host gift and don’t know where to start. Either way, we wanted to help make your holidays a little less stressful and are sharing with you what we think are the most thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts your host will appreciate receiving. Does giving the best host gift guarantee you a bigger slice of pie? That’s totally not what gifting is about…but yes, it probably will! 

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Gourmet Food Gifts
Aside from re-heating leftovers for the week after Thanksgiving, your hosts will probably not be looking to do a lot of cooking. Giving them a gift with ready-to-eat snacks will allow them to take a breather after the kitchen marathon that is Thanksgiving Day, and will be a welcome “Thank you!” that is sure to secure you a spot on the Thanksgiving guest list for next year. A combination of sweet and savoury snacks will be appreciated when they have run out of creative ways to use their leftovers.

Pro-Tip:  Gifting shelf-stable food items means that your host doesn’t have to pause mid-cook to rearrange their fridge which is something they will appreciate almostas much as the gift. Rest assured that all Black Bow Gift Co gourmet food gifts, which you can shop here, are curated using shelf stable products. 

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Gifts With Alcohol
A bottle of wine is a very traditional host gift, and as much as we love traditions, we also love getting the opportunity to absolutely wow your gift recipients. Gifting them with a bottle (or two) of wine, bubbly, or something stronger, is a lavish way to express your appreciation for the abundance of food and good company, and for not having to do the dishes. Our Gifts Over $200  collection has the most luxurious gifts for your hosts to enjoy.

Pro-Tip:  Traditional gifting etiquette suggests that if a guest brings wine, it should be opened and served to share. If your intention is to gift your hosts a bottle for them to enjoy privately, or add to their cellar, let them know by telling them you hope they can enjoy it together soon!

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Self-Care Gifts
Self-care gifts may not be the first thing on your mind when trying to come up with a thoughtful host gift to give this Thanksgiving, but if you have ever hosted a similar event before you can attest to how good it feels to relax the next day. A gift that focuses on relaxation, like the ones in our Self-Care Collection, will remind to host to take time for themselves after all the time they spent serving others.

Pro-Tip:  Combining self-care products with seasonal scents and colours creates a fully sensory experience that your recipient will surely be thankful for. 

As we head into this season of gratitude and gathering, you don’t want to be caught showing up empty-handed! Your host with the most will consider you their best guest when presented with a thoughtfully curated, festive thanksgiving gift whether it is to share with the table or to indulge in after the holiday.

For these gifts, and to shop more of our perfect host gift boxes, head to our Host/Hostess Collectionnow!