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Our 7 Favourite Products To Gift Coffee Lovers for International Coffee Day

October 01, 2022 2 min read

We all know people who prefer not to be spoken to before their morning cup of joe, people who refer to coffee as their "rocket fuel", or people to whom coffee is essential to their survival. To those people, we would like to wish you a very happy (and caffeinated) International Coffee Day! 

Whether the coffee lover in your life is a barista by trade, or simply an at-home coffee connoisseur, we have rounded up our 7 favourite coffee-related products to gift with (or keep yourself, we don't judge)!

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1. Coffee...DUH!
Need we say more? The ultimate gift for a coffee lover is, of course, coffee! Whether they are a traditionalist, who believes that black coffee is the only way to go, or if they are an experimental caffeine enthusiast who loves to try new things, our variety of ground coffee flavours provides an option for every coffeeholic.

2. Insulated Coffee Tumbler
A must-have for the coffee drinker on-the-go, an insulated tumbler means that they can take their coffee with them from home to work, school, the gym, and wherever else their adventures take them. MiiR tumblers are built to be durable, sustainable, and functional, which should tick every box for even the busiest coffee fanatic. 

3. Coffee-themed Puzzle
For the ultimate coffee lover, this 150-piece mini puzzle puts the "Fun" in "Needs Coffee to Function"! When completed, this puzzle becomes a 4"x6" framable piece of art featuring their favourite beverage or, if they are still buzzing from caffeine, they can break it apart and start again.

4. Chocolate Coffee Beans
Just try to name a better duo than coffee and chocolate! An iconic coupling sure to jumpstart your day, or get you past your mid-afternoon slump, these delicious dark chocolate-covered coffee beans are the perfect pick-me-up for chocolate lovers and coffee lovers alike!

5. Coffee Cake Candle
The ideal gift for anyone who loves the smell of coffee without the jolt of caffeine, this candle smells like stepping into your favourite cafe on a Sunday morning: comforting, familiar, and delicious. This hand-poured soy wax candle has a 50-hour burn time for a fragrance that lasts long after their coffee has gone cold.

6. "Life Happens, Coffee Helps" Mug

What can we say about this mug that this mug isn't saying for itself? Coffee addicts everywhere understand that sometimes a mug of their beloved brew is all it takes to change their whole day. 

7. Almond Hazelnut Biscotti
The authentic taste of Italy truly comes forward when you pair these almond hazelnut biscotti, made in small batches and chock-full of nutty goodness, with your favourite coffee beverage. These crunchy cookies are made for dipping, and the combination of bitter coffee and this sweet biscuit is truly unmatched.

All of these favourites are available to shop through our Black Bow Market or by using our Design A Gift feature!

Or, if you are looking to really treat your favourite coffee fanatic to the gift of their dreams, we also have a whole collection of pre-designed gifts available that will show them how much you get them, and that you do not judge their caffeine dependance.

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The gifts available to shop in our Coffee & Tea Gift Collection, such as the Terrific Trio shown above, combine our favourite coffees and coffee-products for a gift experience even an amateur coffee aficionado will be drooling over.