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June 29, 2021 2 min read

In many ways COVID-19 has brought people together, but when it comes to work it has shifted some teams and employees apart. Working remotely and isolated from team members has become the norm this past year and a report by CPHR (Chartered Professionals of Human Resources)1 predicts these virtual, flexible arrangements are here to stay.

Although there are perks to working from home (and in your sweatpants!), there are also inherent risks of employee disengagement and burnout. A recent study by Deloitte2 revealed 77% of professionals have experienced burnout and cite lack of recognition and support from leadership as the number one cause.

As an employer, you have the responsibility to recognize and care for your team members. An employee gifting strategy is an effective way to help achieve this. Not only does it deliver on a personal level, but it can also lead to several professional benefits listed below.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Increases Productivity
Recognizing employees for all the hard work they do will reinforce their confidence to know that they are making an impact. It will boost their morale, and it will also motivate them to work harder for the next one.

Quality Employee Gifts

Improves Employee and Customer Satisfaction
Gift giving sparks a special connection and can really leave a lasting impact on the recipient’s mood. You know what they say – happiness is contagious. By ensuring your employees are happy, they are more likely to ensure your customers are happy too.

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Strengthens Retention
Employees that feel valued and appreciated are more likely to stay. It’s as simple as that. As we shift to a virtual workforce, people that are unhappy will have many alternate job opportunities to consider making retention that much more important to focus on.

Virtual Team Meetings and Events

Reinforces Company Culture
Choosing items or a theme that align with the company culture can be a great way to remind employees of what the company values. For example, a self care theme will help show support for employees to unplug and unwind. A gift box of coffee and sweets delivered in advance of a virtual team meeting, or a cocktail theme for the next virtual social hour is a fun way for employees to connect through a shared experience and special treat.

If you do not already have an employee gifting strategy, you should be reconsidering it now. What better time than to acknowledge employees for their perseverance and dedication through a global pandemic?

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1CHPR. (2021, March). Economic Responses to COVID-19.

2Deloitte (2020, April). Workplace Burnout Survey: Deloitte US.