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July 06, 2021 3 min read

The 2021 wedding season is officially upon us, but you may still find yourself in some unconventional circumstances as a result of COVID-19. As if it weren’t already hard enough to know when and what to give the happy couple!

Your Black Bow Gift Experts are here to support. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and our recommendations to help you navigate this joyful but unprecedented time.

Celebration Gift Ideas
What should I do if the wedding has been postponed?

Postponing the wedding is a difficult decision many couples have faced during the pandemic. Although their magical day will still come, the original date will be an emotional one for them as it will be hard not to dream of what would have been.

Sending something special to them on their original wedding date is a wonderful gesture to let them know that you are thinking of them. It is sure to be an unexpected surprise that will brighten their day. It will also remind them that you too are looking forward to the day when you can all celebrate their love together.

Luxury Gifts
What if the invite list has been reduced?

Smaller weddings are a rising trend. Some couples have opted to proceed with their original wedding date by reducing their guest list in adherence with capacity restrictions, others simply just chose to host something intimate. Whichever path they chose, it was not easy. Balancing numbers and who to include or exclude can be incredibly sensitive as the last thing a couple wants is to hurt someone’s feelings.

Whether you received an invitation or not, remember that the purpose of a gift is to show your love and support for the happy couple. If you were lucky enough to be included, we absolutely suggest you give a gift. If you did not receive an invitation or unfortunately can no longer be accommodated, it is still encouraged that you consider sending a gift. It is a very thoughtful way to show your support for the couple, their future together, and the decision they made.

Beautiful Wedding Gifts

What if the couple does not have a gift registry?
Yet another tradition that is changing. Wedding gift registries used to be a staple in helping a couple get all the essentials that would be needed for their first home together after the wedding. Nowadays, most couples live together before the wedding and thus already have ‘everything’ they need. Couples are starting to feel uncomfortable asking for things they may not need, and especially so if they opted to plan a smaller wedding.

Whatever the couple chooses is totally acceptable, but we personally love giving gifts that can’t be found on a registry. They are much more unique, thoughtful and are sure to stand out. If you find yourself in such a situation, or just love to give something more personalized then browse our beautiful gift collections or considering designing your own gift specially for the happy couple.

At Black Bow Gift Co., all our gifts are personally prepared within 1-3 business days or can be scheduled for a future date. They are also available for pick-up or shipping right to the couple across Canada and the USA. Do you have other questions for our Gift Experts? Send us a note!