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July 21, 2021 2 min read

When someone makes you feel special through a thoughtful gift or gesture, proper etiquette is to send them a thank you note. After all, the best way to show your appreciation is by taking the time to express it!

Below we have highlighted some helpful tips for writing the perfect thank you note:

Client Gifts

Name the Gift or Gesture
This may seem obvious, but the point is to say more than just “Thanks for the gift”, as this can come across as too generic. When you specifically name the gift or gesture that you are thanking them for it gives that added touch of personalization and shows you truly acknowledge what they did.

Gift Giving

Explain Why you are Grateful
Briefly mention why the gesture was so impactful to you or how you plan to use the gift. No need to go overboard on this – short, sweet, and straight to the point in one or two sentences. For example, “The candle smells delicious, and I cannot wait to use the bath bomb on my next night of R&R.”

This element is particularly important if the gift giver was not present for the exchange. By explaining your gratitude and what it means to you it will help them visualize what the experience was like.

Gift Etiquette

Handwrite It
Although there are many ways to communicate nowadays, the best kind of thank you notes are handwritten. They took time to do something special for you, therefore it is important to take time to show your appreciation by personally writing it for them in return.

However, we do also support posting something on social media in the interim when you first open a gift. This can be a great way to let them know you received it, and to recognize the business or store it came from. 

Thank You Gift Ideas

Be Punctual
When it comes to giving a thank you note - the sooner the better. This shows the giver they are top of mind, and it is also easier to capture your emotions when the experience is still fresh in your mind. The nature of the event can cause delays (for example one may have a lot of thank you notes to write after a bridal shower!) but aim to send notes no later than a month after.

Depending on the nature of the gift or gesture you may choose to also send a gift. At Black Bow Gift Co., you can choose to design your own or browse our collection of over 150 beautifully designed gift boxes, and rest assured because each includes a complimentary handwritten card.