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November 18, 2021 3 min read

It is officially time to deck the halls and start shopping for all those lucky recipients on your Christmas gift list. Okay, we know some may still have some Hallowe’en decorations and candy laying around but this holiday season it truly is important to shop and send gifts early this year.

Your friendly Gifts Experts have provided four reasons why:

Custom Holiday Gifts

Supply Chain Issues
Its no secret COVID-19 still has a lingering impact on supply chains all over the world. From delays to sourcing the right materials, to barriers for distributing finished products, or anything in between. There are many areas where things can be sidetracked, thus making it very difficult for suppliers to stay on schedule.

At Black Bow Gift Co. we didn’t want to take any chances this year and that's why we’ve stocked up BIG TIME. We have curated a beautiful and wide selection of products to choose from, but please understand we may not have the opportunity to replenish holiday stock once its sold out as we have in previous years.

Thought Christmas Gifts

Labour Shortages
In addition to the unpredictably of the supply chains, many industries are also experiencing labour shortages as an ongoing implication of the pandemic. As a result, suppliers (large and small) are anticipating to produce smaller quantities than usual because they simply do not have the capacity to do more. What does this mean exactly? Expect to see limited quantities and limited options available this year. The last thing you want is to find a perfect gift idea, only to realize it has already sold out.

Your Friendly Gift Experts at Black Bow are ready for a smooth holiday. We have planned and prepared for many of our back-end processes, so we have more time for focusing on the fun stuff - curating great gifts! We continue to honour our commitment to have all gifts ready within 1-3 business days (even when scheduled shipping is selected). Rest assured when trusting us with your gifting needs you are in great hands. 

Easy Christmas Gifts

Shipping Delays
Between the spike in online shopping, and the general busyness of the holidays delivery companies are inundated with boxes, cards, and parcels to deliver. Don’t risk your special gifts being buried in the peak of the rush.

Did you know we offer stickers to be included on shipping boxes to indicate it is a Christmas gift? That way you can send the gift early and have it act as a beautiful decoration under their tree. Or it can be a cheeky test to see if your recipient has the will power to not peek beforehand.

Whichever timeframe you choose know that we are also closely monitoring shipping timeframes and will reach out to you if we feel there is a risk of delay.

Beautiful Gift Wrapping

Peace of Mind
We can’t stress this enough. Please plan accordingly so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. We don’t want you to be spending the final days leading up to Christmas worrying about finding the perfect gifts and if they will be delivered at the perfect time.

Our 2021 Holiday Collection is filled with beautifully curated gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list. Plus, each gift is professionally prepared and ready to be shipped across Canada or the USA in just 1-3 days. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on Instagram for the latest shipping and holiday updates.