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November 22, 2021 2 min read

The holidays are always a wonderful time to give employees and clients an appreciation gift. It is a thoughtful gesture to express gratitude for all that has been accomplished in the past year and helps to start next year on a positive note. The challenge professionals often face is deciding on what exactly to give that is appropriate, but also personalized and memorable.

At Black Bow Gift Co. we are here to help. We offer full-service support to corporate clients wanting to design that perfect custom gift that captures your brand and the message intended to be conveyed. If you’re looking to elevate your employee and clients gifts this year let us know by visiting our Corporate Gifting page! Below are some of the common tactics we use to help design gifts that wow-worthy and truly unique.

Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts

We love colour coordination! Not only does it make a visual impact upon first sight, but it also looks clean and professional. Thus, making it a perfect approach for corporate gifts. Choosing company colours will help build brand recognition and adding a festive accessory such as mini ornaments or tree spigs make it timely for the holidays.

Alternatively, if the gifts will be given at a social gathering then you may consider the event theme and coordinate with those colours so that everything ties together.

Client and Employee Appreciation Gifts

Gifting products that can be used for a non-work related experience is a great way to encourage employees to unplug for the holidays. Examples include a baking kit, a bath kit or ingredients to mix a tasty new cocktail. Not only is it practical, but it also shows a lot of thought and care was put into designing the gift.

Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas

Think about who specifically is on your gift list and consider what may or may not appeal to them. Does anyone have a food allergy that you should avoid? Should you be opting for gender neutral colours and scents?

Remember if you can’t decide on just one design then do two (or three!). Using a similar theme but swapping out flavours or scents it great way to have a crowd pleaser for all, while also showing an additional touch of personalization. Do some team members live on coffee and others by tea? Then consider doing a gift option for both.

Ready to get started? Visit our Corporate Gifting page to learn more about our hands-on customized approach for orders of 20 or more. Or check out our Holiday Collection and Corporate & Employee Gift Collections for more thoughtfully crafted and predesigned gift inspiration. If you have any questions – send us a note!