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August 30, 2021 2 min read

Welcoming a new little one into the world is a very special time for growing families. It is a chapter in their lives filled with new (and sometimes messy) encounters, lots of questions, sleepless nights, but all for one of purest forms of love wrapped up in a little bundle of joy.
A common question soon-to-be parents ask is ‘what will I need?’ Therefore, when dreaming up a gift for parents welcoming a newborn baby, we like to choose items that will come in handy for the precious moments they will soon encounter. Your friendly Gift Experts have highlighted a few moments and practical product ideas below to help get you started:

Serenity Gift Box

Nap Time
There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. Choosing to give items that help a newborn snuggle and settle will be a gift that keeps on giving for new parents. Consider comforting items like a swaddle, stuffed animal, or pacifier to help the whole family rest easy.

Miracle of Life

Tub Time
Bathing a newborn is a big new experience for both the little one and parents. Yes, it is important for their well-being, but also a special moment the parents can expect to encounter a lot in the years to come. Therefore, bathing products are super practical and can help make the experience enjoyable for all. High-quality towels, face cloths or water-resistant toys are perfect gift ideas.

Big Dreams Baby Present

Teething Time 
Teething can be a difficult time for parents as they watch their newborns enter the next stage of their development, which is often accompanied with pain and discomfort. Any helpful items such as a teething ring, a pacifier and clip, or a compress that can be given to prepare new parents for this moment is a compassionate gesture.

Perfectly Precious New Parent Gift

Dress-up Time
Giving baby clothes is a classic choice – after all who can resist little booties and onesies? Not only are they adorable, but they are also practical. With babies you never know how many outfits you will go through in a day and having plenty of options on hand is a gift itself.

Precious Moments Parents Present

Reflection Time
It’s hard to imagine, but these special moments with a new baby will fly by. Opting to give a keepsake item can hold such sentimental value and serve as a reminder of the joyous times for parents in the years to come. Consider gifts like a unique scented candle, a cute planter, or milestone cards that they can use to record memories.

Big Heart Luxury Family Gift

Mom & Dad Time
We believe every baby gift should also include a special treat just for mom and dad – they’ve earned it! Think of indulgences like luxury bath salts, something sweet, a fancy coffee, tea, or bottle of wine. Something that can be specifically enjoyed together during this precious moment of their lives.

Looking for more gift inspiration? Browse our thoughtfully designed Baby & New Parents Gift Collection or visit our Design a Gift page to create your own special gift for the growing family. If you have any questions along the way, our team of Gift Experts would be happy to chat!