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August 19, 2021 3 min read

At Black Bow Gift Co. we are all about beautifully designed gift boxes. Although gift baskets have been a staple in the gifting industry, they can be challenging to deliver and tend to be filled with the basket shape, size and budget in mind, rather than the recipient themselves.

We find gift boxes to be much more versatile. This allows you to focus on choosing the perfect items for your recipient to make for a unique presentation (on the inside and out), leading to an overall gifting experience of surprise and delight.

Creating thoughtful and beautiful gift boxes is one of our favourite things to do. We cut no corners when it comes to selecting high-quality items, curating intentional product layouts, and crafting visual works of art with the finest packaging and accents. With our Design a Gift feature, you can experience the joy too!

There are no rules when it comes to designing your own gift, but your friendly Gift Experts have shared some of their go-to tricks.

Fine Dining

Choose a Theme
A theme can act as your guiding compass to help choose items that will express the message you want to convey. Colour coordinating is great but think beyond that by asking yourself: What is the purpose of the gift? What is the intended emotion I want them to feel?

If it’s an employee appreciation gift, you may choose a ‘self-care’ theme by selecting gifts that make for a night of rest and relaxation. If it’s a housewarming gift, consider new memories they will make and build upon one. For example, create a party gift box for those that love to host celebrations.

Honey Sweet

Select a Wide Variety of Items
Once you have a theme, choose a variety of items that appeal to all sorts of senses within it. As much as we love food, too much of the same thing in a gift can lose its luster. A good rule of thumb for starters is to include something they can enjoy right away, and something they can keep. Also, consider choosing products that complement each other, such as prosecco and flutes, coffee and a tumbler, or a notepad and pen.

Early Bird

Make it Count
Think about the number of recipients and ensure you are picking items that can be enjoyed fairly. If designing a gift for more than one person plan to include enough key items for each person or opt for things that can be shared. For example, if creating a coffee themed gift box for a couple, you would want to choose two mugs (so there is one for each person) and a package of coffee beans (that can be shared and enjoyed together).

Thank You Gifts

Name it
Once you have finalized your gift picks, have fun coming up with a name for it! We love coming up with cheeky slogans that represent our intentions and themes behind each design (who doesn’t love a good pun?!). You can even include the name as part of your message in the card to show how much thought, effort, and fun you had specially designing the gift just for them.

Ready to get started? Visit our Design a Gift page. Once submitted your creation is personally prepared by one of our Gift Experts to ensure each detail is perfectly placed and packed to arrive just as you intended. If you have any questions along the way, our team of Gift Experts would be happy to support, simply send us a note!