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How to Make Following Your Passion Easy

June 02, 2019 2 min read

A 15 Year Dream Set Into Action in Under 5 Mins

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Making big or even small decisions to follow your passion when there is a lot on the line quite literally sucks and can leave you running circles in your head for years. This non-stop whirlwind of thoughts can easily turn you into the person who simply talks for years and years about the things they want to do and then ultimately does nothing to actually to achieve those dreams. Unfortunately, that was me and I hated it. We all hate wanting things we feel like we can’t have and no-one wants to be that person who is ‘all talk and no walk.’ That said, it is up to each of us to find the solution that will work for you, to challenge yourself to do and try things beyond those you think you are even capable of doing. Most importantly, you need to do all of this with genuine confidence when you do make a decision. 

Each of us is like an onion and when you start to slowly peel back each layer, you not only learn a lot about yourself, but you also realize that only you are the keeper of your destiny. With all that life throws your way, it can come become easy to forget that only YOU can make the decision to make change, and only you can put in the effort you need to advance toward that change, whether that change seems as big as moving Mount Everest or it’s something significantly smaller and easier to manage, ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat — so put that car in gear, point the steering wheel where ever your passion is taking you and put the peddle to the metal. And don’t look back!

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