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My First Quarter Running A Boutique Gift Box Company

September 29, 2019 4 min read

My first quarter of business owning an online gifting business based in Halifax Nova Scotia has been a pleasant blur. I have shipped so many gifts across Canada and have been trusted to play an important role in offering luxury and upscale gift boxes for many special moments and many special people. Every day I am grateful to have some activity on the go that requires fulfilling a gift order for a client. I get excited seeing the traffic grow and change on my site and the awareness that is beginning to build around Black Bow Gift Co. being the Canadian gifting company of choice when the goal is to give the perfect gift. 

My favorite part has been the feedback and reactions I often get after a gift has been given. My clients will message me on social media, email me or even text me and tell me about how special the moment was when the gift was given, how much the person loved the gift and sometimes when I'm lucky I even get a photo where I get a tiny glimpse into the moment that I played a role in creating. They always tell me they will be back for more and they usually do. 

Another exciting moment was my feature in the Halifax Today Midweek Mugging and written by author Nicole Bayes-Fleming. It was an honour to have been asked to give the interview and really was a moment that made me fully appreciate all of my hard work to date. The article helped to create some awareness in Halifax about the existence of my gift box business and was alot of fun for me to do. To date the majority of my clients come from Nova Scotia, specifically Halifax, Dartmouth and Sackville areas, as well as Ontario and Alberta. I even sold my first gift boxes to the United States which I didn't think I was going to do until at least 6 months in and that went so smoothly that I decided to open up shipping to all over the USA as well as of course I am still shipping all over Canada. 

I am pleased that people are consistently coming to me because of the positive word of mouth and the quality gifts I am becoming known for. I had one client tell me she was tired of seeing the Black Bow Gift Co. gifts at parties that looked substantially better than all the rest and that she had to be the one with the Black Bow gift that the next party.

I am reworking new gift styles and searching for new products everyday. I am really developing a personal style and am figuring out the absolute best products for different occasions and corporate gifting. I only use quality items in my gift boxes and gift baskets and I tell my clients if the gift is expensive it's because it is filled with quality items that people will actually like. If anything my gifts are a definitely undervalued with the amount of love and attention that goes into ever gift. Clients are getting a lot of upgrades and not being charged for them because I care so much about making the gift look great. This would be the biggest thing as a business owner I need work on. 

The hardest part has been the difficult stories my clients share with me. About 50% of the gifts I do are sympathy or gifts related to illness. More or less 'thinking of you' and 'can't be there' with you kind of gifts. When friends gift friends it touches my heart. These are the gifts you don't 'have' to give like you sometimes do for a wedding or birthday. I love that my clients trust me enough to share their personal stories and I love when I work 1:1 with a client to custom design the perfect gift. I find myself often thinking about how someone might be doing who received one of my gifts. I know it is never my place to follow up, I just always wonder and wish them well. There is a lot of love put into every gift and I always want to make sure the love, thought and intention behind a gift is felt. 

I am proud to offer my clients same day courier service in Halifax Nova Scotia which is great for those office or group gift baskets or gift boxes that are sometimes needed the same day. All gifts ordered before 9:30 am AST are couriered or shipped the same day Monday to Friday. Of course special arrangements can be made anytime, just email us and I will always see what I can do. 

Black Bow Gift Co offers gift boxes and gift baskets for all occasions. We specialize in premium and luxury gifts for wedding, bridal, bridesmaid proposal gifts, father's day, mother's day, baby, birthdays, corporate and client gifting, anniversary, gifts for him and great gifts for her. 

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