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Wedding Welcome Gifts

June 02, 2019 3 min read

Why Wedding Welcome Gifts Are Necessary for Your Out of Town Guests

Wedding Welcome gifts for your out of town wedding guests. Wedding gifts you can customize that are perfectly you. The perfect personalized custom gift to appreciate your guests on your big day. Your guests likely spent a good chunk of change travelling for your wedding and a great way to show them your appreciation is to surprise them with a personalized gift from you and your partner. A unique and memorable gift is the perfect way to kick-start your wedding weekend and welcome guests by showing them your heart-felt gratitude for sharing in your special day. 

Wedding welcome gifts do not need to be over-the-top or even expensive. These welcome gifts are intended to do just that — welcome your guests to your wedding and possibly provide them with a few necessities and yummy treats to help make their stay special. To help you create the perfect wedding welcome gifts, here are a few ideas and tips to get you started:

1) Always include a personalized note to welcome your guests and let them know how excited you are that they have taken the time to share in your big day. For many guests, this could include a long, difficult day of travel and what better way to be reminded your guests of the reason behind the trip and get them back into happy wedding spirits than a special gift that shows you appreciate them?

2) Many couples choose to create a welcome gift themed to help acquaint guests with their city. Perhaps your gift could include a personalized city map full of fun information about local shops and your favourite places to eat, or maybe a map of all of the weekend wedding activities with an itinerary. This is a perfect opportunity to have some fun and get creative.

3) If you are having a themed wedding, think about creating welcome gifts that help guests get into the spirit of the theme. 
4) Your welcome gift can and should include snacks. Trust me when I say your guests will be very grateful they don’t need to find a grocery store or mini-mart after a long trip. Nothing feels less like a vacation than needing to go grocery shopping. 

5) When adding goodies to the welcome gift, think about the number of days and events your guests will be attending. Unless you have budgeted to feed them throughout the entire weekend, you should make sure they have some treats to refuel and time to rest. Your guests will feel super pampered and content when they find the goodies you left for them. Think about adding snacks and treats from local bakeries and eateries and be sure to give guests information about where they can find more if they happen to go through their stash a little faster than planned —which we can all say we are guilty of doing from time-to-time. 

6) Think about including some necessities in your welcome gifts like bottled water and aspirin if you know you’ve got a wild bunch or maybe even some allergy tablets if your city is known for its dust or pollen. What about a poncho or small umbrella if you live in a rainy city? Or some sunscreen for those warm and sunny locations? These small details can make a huge difference and ensure your guests have a great trip instead of a frustrating experience because they were unprepared for what your city has to offer. 

    The biggest take-away for creating the perfect wedding welcome gift is it should be personal and memorable for your guests. These gifts should show that you truly appreciate your guests’ efforts and willingness to share one of the most important days in your life. Many of your guests will have travelled long distances for your big day because they care about you, so make sure to show them how much you care. 

    Black Bow Gift Co. is in the business of making every event unique and every person special. We can help you develop distinctive wedding welcome gifts your guests will never forget. To learn more about creating a custom wedding welcome gift with us, visit our website. We can’t wait to work with you!